Essentials Gift Set

Features - HANNON handbag, Miracle Hair Treatment, Gentle Face Wash, Liquid Face Ligting Serum, Black Super LashMascara, Rosebud Lipstick Hydralite Moisturiser 5ml Sachet, Might Creme Ultra Rich 5ml Sachet, Intense Hydrating Moisturiser 5ml Sachet
R 2 500,00
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Superlash Mascara BLACK - Long Last

A unique water proof and smudge proof mascara ideal for sensitive eyes. Great lash separation. Dries quickly in a “plastic-like” film that resembles the illusion of false lashes.
R 250,00

Eyebrow Pencil - TAUPE GEL

An eyebrow pencil to define or reshape all eye brows. Can be used by most as it adapts to each one’s unique skin tone and eye brow shade.
R 152,00


Specifically formulated to create colourful and fashionable eye makeup and to enhance each person’s unique eye colour.
R 176,00

Miracle Hair Treatment - 250ml

The Miracle Hair Treatment, infused with coco cut oil, is the ideal moisture treatment for dry, thirsty and damaged hair. Suitable for colour -and chemically treated hair.
R 260,00