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Collagen Smoothing Serum 50ml

R 720,00

Duo Shadow for Green Eyes

An Eye Shadow to enhance natural colour pigments in your eyes.
R 168,00

Intense Hydrating Moisturiser 50ml

A moisturiser for dry and mature skin, which contains MOIST 24
R 380,00

Liquid Crystal Styling Gel 250ml

All purpose styling product for all hair types.
R 175,00

Miracle Hair Treatment 250ml

Dry/Brittle Hair
R 240,00

Moisture Seal 125 ml (NEW PACKAGING May '16)

Make-up Sealer and Moisture Barrier Protector
R 168,00

Peachy Blusher

R 230,00

pH Balancing Toner 150ml

A toner for all skin types, which balances the pH of skin for maximum absorption
R 295,00

Purple Gel Eyepencil

Purple Gel Eyepencil
R 145,00

Red Infusion Shampoo 250ml

Colour Infusion Shampoo
R 185,00